Q: Can I buy just one copy of the magazine?

A: Yes - just post a cheque payable to 'CompassSport' to 6, Glenmore Park, Tunbridge Wells. TN2 5NZ for 4gbp for postage in the UK, 5gbp for postage in Europe and 6gbp for the rest of the World. These prices are for issues from 2006 to 2010. Issues after this please add 1gbp. Issues from 2005 and earlier, take off 1 gbp to each of these prices.

Alternatively you can send the money via PayPal but you must add on 3.4% plus 20p in order to cover their charges and make sure we get the relevant amount.

NOTE - Now you can use the CompassSport Shop for buying single issues. See link on left side of the website.