CompassSport Cup

CompassSport Cup Final - 15th October - Greenham & Crookham Common

It was a cool and windy, yet sunny day which greeted the Finalists in this years CSC at the former Military base. Finalists had qualified from qualifying rounds earlier in the year in this competition which finds the best Small and Large Orienteering Club in Great Britain.

Small Clubs - CompassSport Trophy.

Forth Valley Orienteers made the trek down south in small but select numbers. A win this year would make a hat trick. However, it was not to be as a strong SARUM team took Gold by 26 points. Jeff Butt accepted the Trophy on behalf of the club to rapturous applause from the assembled masses. SARUM last held the Trophy 3 years ago. FVO Club Captain Jon Cross said, "We lacked a good last scorer but we performed very well on many courses".

The club was also awarded a bottle of champagne courtesy of and 20 T-Shirts from CompassSport Magazine.

1st       SARUM          1265

2nd      FVO                1239

3rd      SBOC             1185

4th       GO                  1144

5th       ERYRI            1131

6th       SOS                1130

7th       CLARO          857

8th       TAY                 583


Large Clubs - CompassSport Cup

Reigning Champions OD were always going to be tough to beat and they were up against some tough clubs. SYO in particularly whose packing on the Brown Course was particularly impressive. However, as you can see from the results, OD were clear winners from some of the biggest clubs in the country.

They too were awarded champagne, courtesy of and 30 T-shirts from CompassSport Magazine.

1st       OD                  2157

2nd      SYO                2057

3rd      BOK                2038

4th       AIRE               1903

5th       NOC               1840

6th       WCH               1812

7th       SLOW             1774

8th       SO                  1724

9th       MDOC             1690

10th     TVOC           1393


Reebok Golden Shoe Run-In Split Competition

For anybody successfully completing their course in the Cup or Trophy, there was a chance to win this elegant and exceedingly heavy trophy. The run in was about 100metres, slightly downhill near the end with firm, dry going on gravel path and grass. However, competitors had to negotiate a kissing gate or jump a partially dismantled fence beside the gate midway down it.

In the end it was a tie with two runners on 21 seconds. Maybe in future, there will be a sprint-off! However, one of the winners had already gone home. Winners were Eliot Malkin M16 MDOC and Andy Hodgson M21 SLOW. The picture shows former Cambridge Rower Andy Hodgson flexing his muscles lifting the solid Gold (!?) Trophy over his head!


Many thanks to the British Army Orienteering Club for organising, particularly Mapper & Planner Hugh Drummond and Organisers Allan Farrington and David Rollins and to the event sponsors, CompassSport.