Feedback on Issue 2

Issue 2 has been read and studied. Here are some of the comments that have hit the CompassSport penthouse offices.

Just to say that the latest issue is tremendous. I thought I had been losing the will to read but there was just so much good stuff here. Tremendous.

I enjoyed edition 2!

What I really like about the new-look Compass Sport is all the course maps/routes with a leading competitor's commentary. And 'know your course leader', too. This kind of competition-focussed stuff is what it's all about, in my opinion. Very interesting - useful armchair coaching. Please keep this going! - and for someone like me (tailender) an occasional map and commentary from someone a bit further down the field could be good too. I put that in because I very much enjoyed issue 2. (Point noted / Ed!)

The magazine makes great reading and the standard you have set yourself a very high, for me this is what an O’mag should be maps and more maps, course winner’s route choices etc.  

The maps do reproduce well from the OCAD. Good to see lots of maps in the mag!

You're doing a great job with the magazine. Glad to see the Lincolnshire Bomber got the centre spread!

"I didn't know there was so much going on in the sport of orienteering until I picked up a copy in my local hairdressers, now I'm addicted!"