APR20 is out! It contains coverage of the British Nights, CompassSport Cup & Trophy Qualification Rounds, Ultrasport RIP, Approxiteering, FaceBook Likes in Orienteering Updated, Accessible O, Ex-GBR Elites Abroad #13 on the legend that is, 'Steven Hale', just to mention a few things...

In lockdown? This issue came with a free bag of Unicorn manure to help your garden or window boxes prosper.

With Ultrasport ceasing trading, CompassSport is completely and exclusively 'Subscription Only'. Do you know how good it is? We are offering a free back issue if you have not seen a copy of the magazine. The Magazine is our best advert. If you have never subscribed before then mail Nick (at) CompassSport.co.uk with your postal address and I will dispatch an issue for your delectation.